* For lack of any other title for what is going to be a very random post, or rather too hungry, busy, exhausted with the long journey back home (No no, not a road trip again, lest the 3.5 hours that I spend on the road to reach home from office can be called that 😉 to think of a nice better title.

If there’s one thing that really gets to me in Bengaluru, it is the traffic. It’s insane that we have to spend so much time beating the traffic 😦 I wish the Metro starts functioning soon. I wish people stop taking cars to work, even if they are travelling alone 😦 I wish the roads are maintained well … I can just go on an on. But the point is that I came home very late and very hungry, get the cooker ready in a jiffy for some rice and soothing Methi dal before doing anything else, and the gas cylinder runs empty exactly when the cooker shows signs of blowing the whistle 😈 That stupid cork on the new cylinder is refusing to come out and Su is not home yet, so I thought I would rather finish today’s post rather than sitting and brooding over it 😛

Talking about hunger, I thought of picking up something from the way like a milk shake etc.. when I spotted this Dabeli-wala whose cart was totally crowded, obviously making it seem like he makes yummy Dabelis. Suddenly took me back to Hyderabad where *that lady used to make such yummy Dabelis and inspite of all the crowd, always greeted me with a ‘Arre woh didi, bahut din ho gaye. Kya hua, ghar gaye the kya?’ I immediately went to this cart and got one packed. It was nowhere close to what *she* made. I suddenly miss her so much, miss so many other things like the my domestic help who rang the bell every single day like all hell had broken loose, like our watchman who never missed to smile and greet us on our return from work every evening, like the kids for whom we ran a tuition center in our office, brought the sky down by shouting ‘Byeeeee Akka‘ when I left office after work, irrespective of how engrossed they would be in what they were doing. I miss so many such familiar sights and sounds.

It’s amazing that I get to meet my family whenever I feel like (again, traffic permitting :P), but I miss a WHOLE lot of other people, and places, and experiences. I miss the organic bazaars, the wonderful like-minded people there, the ease with which I could drop in to their stores whenever I could or felt like, and go on and on chatting about our favourite topics under the sun. I know it will be the same here too with time, but I seriously miss them. Oh well, I have said that a 100 times already! I wish I could gather them all together and hold them close – , and they could still fit as one whole. But still, am thankful for those wonderful memories. They inadvertently make me smile, like the Dabeli did today, even if it was not that tasty :P. It gave me some food for thought, and for this post too 😉

Let me stop here and go try a hand at the cylinder again 😉 Am damn hungry, and sure the husband will be too!