I missed posting yet again, but there was a valid reason. I was down with fever 😦 Imagine someone who can never sleep without the fan on even during winters, sleeping without switching it on the whole night! That’s how brrrrr cold I felt yesterday. I was okay the whole day – returned from work, made yummy amaranthus leaves -jackfruit seeds Sambar and was all set to make Ragi mudde, just before we would hit the table.  I think that decision to take a shower on my head (with cold water!) did it though. The mudde did not happen, neither did the post.:( Though I composed atleast 5 posts in my head, I did not have the energy to put one down. Anyway, am much better now and waiting  to enjoy Maa ke haath ka khana tonight 😀 (perks of being in Bengaluru #1461)

Since I don’t have anything else to blabber and don’t want to close this post with only my random ramblings/ musings, I thought I will post some mast paintings housed in the State Gallery of Fine Arts, Hyderabad. I had a huge list of things-to-do/ places-to-visit before we moved back and this one definitely topped the list.

Anything for a post, huh?:P

Click on the pics to enlarge