I did not post yesterday 😛 Not that anybody would have noticed it, but I should be true to myself and my blog, no?;) Which only means am planning to make up for that by posting 2 today. 😉

I must have been mad to have taken up the NaBloPoMo this month (been crazily busy!), but I am going to complete it at any cost now. Already am 2 posts behind (started only from June 3rd), but am sure the number of travel tales that are still pending can make up for the entire month’s quota and much more 😀

For today, I will write (rather post pics which are self-explanatory :P) from two very beautiful places of historical importance and architectural marvels, that we had visited during one of our road trips way back in 2013! Both the places are very well maintained and the locals can guide you through like none other. I really wish I could have jotted these down before so that I would not have missed the intricate details that make them the places of importance they are. 😦 This is one of the major reasons that I feel bad about not being regular on the blog. It serves so many purposes including housing those wonderful memories and first-hand information in abundance.  Anyway, better late than never!

Nearest major town/ city: Sagara, Karnataka

Ikkeri: 6 kms from Sagara

Keladi: 8 kms from Sagara

Will post about Ikkeri in this post, and Keladi in the next – I need to make up for yesterday, remember?;)

Click on the pics to enlarge

The Ikkeri temple
About the temple
About the temple

The locals told us that the main attraction of the temple is this Nandi, which is believed to get one relieved of any kind of skin problems. Offering him prayers with a promise of attending the annual fair held here and throwing puffed rice on the idol is a custom many people follow in view of the same.



Such intricate work on art on the Nandi

The temple is a sight to behold, with marvellous work of art with amazing attention to detail all around.

DSC_4178 DSC_4179 DSC_4180

Do visit the Wiki pages I have linked above to know more about the temple – definitely worth reading, and most definitely worth visiting! ‘Sagara’ is one place you should choose as a holiday destination, given its proximity to ‘n’ such wonderful places to suit everyone’s palate – ranging from temples to rivers to mountains to waterfalls to beaches to phew, you get it right?:)