Doing a filler post today 😛 Got around to writing here only now, and have a conf call in the next 15 min. Cannot conjure up anything meanwhile, so posting random pics from here and there, with one common thread between them – they are all works of art indeed 😀

Rangolis shot at a homa/havan we attended somewhere

20140710_232034 20140710_232103

 The below pics from a Seva and Spiritual fair I happened to attend in Chennai! Wow!

20150206_114416 20150206_160451

We are highly indebted for all the love Hyderabad and it’s people showered on us. There was no limit to the number of farewells and wonderful gifts that were bestowed on us. These two hold a special place in our heart though, for the fact that two little ones who had grown up in front of our eyes, made them with their own hands and presented it in ours’. God bless them!:)

20140607_232258 20140607_232305

Time to take the call now.  Another packed day tomorrow, so hoping to make some time and do a proper post 😛 Have a wonderful weekend you all! 😀