Today has been a busy busy day! And unexpectedly staying back at Amma’s place means I neither have my laptop nor the hard-disk from which I can post pics from our travels and weave tales around them. I was eating everybody’s head scratching my head for ideas to post, when I happened to see updates about Nepal Relief from our team, in my mailbox.  I thought the inspiring stories shared should reach out to many more and hence this post (ofcourse with that tinge of selfish happiness that I will be done with today’s post too :P)

Bharat — Reason to smile

A team of 8 doctors representing Arogya Bharati, one of our partner NGOs from Haryana were headed towards Jalbire, a village close to China border, when their bus came to a halt due to a landslide. The doctors, along with the kits of medicines, decided to walk the rest of the distance to Jalbire, only to find that there was an emergency case awaiting them. A pregnant lady was undergoing labour pains and there was no one to attend to her. The local doctor at the PHC (Public Health Center) had directed the lady to Kathmandu hospital terming it as a complicated case. The team of doctors swung into action and operated the lady inside the ambulance itself, to deliver a baby boy successfully. The new born was named “Bharat” (India) and it proved to be a moment of joy for the whole village and a time to celebrate amidst devastation.


Sugreeva — True hero indeed

Handling dead bodies is the last act that anyone would like to volunteer for, especially when there are hundreds of dead bodies to be handled during a calamity. It was a similar story at a hospital mortuary in Nepal. Police personnel deployed there preferred to look the other way as the bodies arrived. Yet, a young man stood constantly through the week after terrible earthquake, handling every dead body arriving, embalming as many as one can, packing them with sheets, helping the relatives of the dead to identify their near & dear who had died, or whatever came his way. The hospital doctors and staff were so impressed that they even offered to employ him, which he simply declined. He received an award from the hospital due to his extraordinary service.T he trauma of handling dead bodies is enormous and yet this young man never complained, nor murmured, just performing his duty without expectation of name, fame, money; absolutely nothing. His dedication to the cause was unparalleled. When a journalist inquired where he received training in handling dead bodies or embalming them, he responded that he had never done this job earlier. This young man from Bihar might have handled close to 250 bodies in total within a week! Sugreeva, a true hero indeed.