Shivneri – my favourite!

Today is the coronation day of Shivaji Maharaj and interestingly, I have been blogging about his forts for the past 3 days. Lovely coincidence that! This post is about Shivneri, the place of his birth; you can read about the others here (Pratapgad) and here (Sajjangad).

Shivneri, a highly defensible location, was where Jijabai delivered Shivaji. Shivaji’s father, who was a general in Adil Shah’s army moved his family his family to Shivneri owing to the warfare all around.  Rajmata Jijabai, for me, and many others alike, is the epitome of motherhood. She instilled great values in Shivaji from the very beginning.

This fort also houses a temple of Goddess Shivayi, after whom Shivaji was named.

Here are a few pics: 

[Click on the pics to enlarge]


1 The building where Shivaji was born2 2a 3

‘THE’ Room!

4 4a 4b

A statue of Shivaji Maharaj has also been erected here


Lush green surroundings all around


This is one of the most beautiful forts I have ever seen. Rich in natural beauty, rich with historic value and amazingly well maintained – my favourite fort among all the three that we covered in this trip. I so wish to make a trip to Pune again and set foot on more of his forts. Hopefully soon!*fingers crossed*. 


  1. Heloooooo look who is back. .good to see you blog again. .How are you doing..
    And the fort looks awesome..Lovely pictures and all the best for the pune trip. .


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