Impromptu trips are always such fun, especially when you least expect them. The Tuesday that just went by led to one such trip. M, a friend who has been working with us for a while now, had been asking me to drop by and meet her parents. After being done with all the introductions, the talks, enjoying the hospitality and the kind, I got up to leave when M suggested she could take me to Keesaragutta. I have been planning to visit this place for ages, and was telling M a few days ago that it is one of things I want to tick off my To-do/ To-visit list before we leave Hyderabad. It’s another thing that this list is very very long and I am crazily busy with a 101 things. Anyway, who would mind ticking off atleast one item from the list, eh?!  I had already driven about 35 kms in the sweltering Hyderabad heat that day, but my humble two-wheeler could do with some more going around 😉 So, on a most unexpected day, and in the most unexpected way, we embarked on our trip to Keesaragutta, taking my overall haul for that day to just about 75-80kms on my Aviator, not to miss the soaring high temperatures 😉 But what’s life without some craziness afterall?;)

All that effort was worth it though. Keesaragutta is so beautiful – the surroundings, the peace, the serenity! I would do this again and again if I could get to spend some time in a place like that. A temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, where I felt the Lord come alive – such is the beauty and feel of the place.

Legend has it that that Sri Rama installed the Siva lingam here to atone for the sin of killing Ravana, a Brahman. He selected this beautiful valley surrounded by hills and verdant greenery for the purpose and ordered Hanuman to bring a Sivlingam from Varanasi. Hanuman was late in arriving with the Siva lingam and as the auspicious hour was nearing, Lord Siva himself appeared before Sri Rama and presented a Sivilingam for installation. Hence the lingam in the temple is called Swayambhu Linga. It is also called Ramalingeswara as lord Sri Rama had installed the lingam.

Hanuman returned with 101 lingams for selection from Varanasi and felt aggrieved at not having his lingam installed. Hence he threw them all over the area. Even to this day several lingams are found scattered all over the place outside the temple.

To mollify Hanuman, Sri Rama ordained that precedence would be given to him for worship at the temple. He also said that the hillock where the lingam was installed would bear his name kesarigiri i.e., Hanuman, the son of Kesari. Over a period of time, it has colloquially transformed and is now known as Keesara and the hill as Keesaragutta.

The temple from various angles:

20140325_164824 20140325_165814 20140325_170500 20140325_171123 20140325_17121020140325_173355 20140325_173559

The surroundings!


Omnipresent He is ofcourse, and it shows here too – tangible to the human mind – Lingas everywhere!


This place is a must visit if you are in Hyderabad. One of the best weekend getaways for sure. Thanks M for making this possible 🙂 Sigh, you all make leaving Hyderabad even more harder, with every such warm gesture. 😐