In an age where people find it hard to let alone care, just spend (some) time with their own folks at home, I got to meet a man today who has committed his full time to looking after the stray dogs and cats on the streets of Hyderabad.

He starts at 9 in the morning and goes around the city carrying food for these children of his. His parents think he is half mad and his wife thinks he is completely so, says SP with a glint in his eyes. He started doing this 20 years ago, when he was just a little kid, inspired by his maternal grandmom who used to feed all the strays on their street.

Its been 8 years since he has committed himself to this cause. He has a name for every dog, knows what they like to eat; some like Osmania biscuits (a local Hyderabadi favourite), while some like Parle-G, says he, with the confidence of a Mother who knows every little detail about her kids. Not only this, he even rescues strays which are injured and takes to task people who cause harm to them.

I was amazed when he narrated the tale of having saved an owl which was caught entangled in Manja, this Sankranti.

It was so evident, the love he has for them, the oneness he felt with them! And getting to meet such people is nothing less than a blessing. It reinstills your confidence in the power of good, in mankind as a whole. This big bad world is a good place after-all πŸ™‚