4th day in Bhuj today and I have hardly seen anything, but seen it all!

Seen the place through her people. I had known none, except one person who coordinates our work here, before coming. But now, I have someone with whom I have my cuppa in the morning, people who are feeling bad that I am leaving back to Hyderabad tomorrow, people with whom I take my morning walk and so on. It feels so good to have a circle of your own, filled with people who know nothing but to shower love on you, with no expectations.

I am an early riser, but work would start only from 9 or 10 every morning, when we would go to the village where our center is located. I chanced upon children wearing uniforms similar (actually same) to those worn byΒ  students of a chain of schools we volunteer for, in Hyderabad. I dashed in, introduced myself and we got talking. The principal took me to every class, introduced all the teachers and was eager to know about education in schools back home and so on. When I asked her if there was a Ramakrishna Math in Bhuj (i had found none on the net), she offered to take me there right then,even when I could see how busy she was.

The women of our center; they all wanted me to stay at their homes. They were asking me how I could come so far and spend so less time with them. What I loved most was the sight of them reading the newspaper and discussing things every single day during lunch.

If you think this was nothing, while I was stranded on a cold night yesterday with my loot from Bhuj haat (pics coming soon πŸ˜‰ ) , with no auto in sight, a couple whom I even hesitated to ask about where I can get an auto, (they were just talking, but were so sweetly engrossed that i felt so bad interrupting them) dropped me all the way to where I was staying (started immediately at that). They said it was on the way but I saw them going back in the reverse direction. The girl told me on the way that they were engaged to be married next year. God bless them πŸ™‚

*Strangers* have walked me to my destination, let alone tell me the routes, not once but more!

They say travel broadens your mind and I could not agree more. I can hardly remember people not returning a smile, or in most cases initiating one. Vasudaiva Kutumbhakam is making more and more sense to me with every journey I make.

Incoherent thoughts? – may be; does not make much sense!?! – may be that too! But it has made me feel so much at home, so far away from home, without any of my loved ones around.