1) First post from my phone :p
2) Am on my way to Bhuj on work – Gujarat for the first time and am excited! Long time dream come true πŸ˜€
3) Rajkot express is so neat and clean, service timely and awesome! Even the chai on the train was so good!
4) My co-passengers wanted to sleep at 6.30pm yesterday 😦 I have an upperberth and though I tried pushing it further, they sent me up at 8 itself 😦 what would i do but for my books!
5) Am so looking forward to savour dhokla and dabeli- my fav gujarati foods.
6) Saw a place called Dhabel on the way? Did Dhabeli originate here?
7) They have only been selling idli-vada on the train for breakfast! I asked them for dhoklas and they are like “dhokle mein kya rakha hai madam? Idli khayiye”. How can I be a roman in Rome now? :!
8) Finally there is something other than idli here. Vada pav is not really my fav, but it will do for now :p


9) Khaman-sev is here now, after I took the vadapav. For lunch may be πŸ˜‰
10) fruits are so expensive here! 10 rs for every santra and chickoo.
11) Am in Bhuj during the Rann Utsav and am so looking forward to it πŸ˜€