• I visited a school where we had planted saplings 2 years ago. The banana plant today stands tall with so many fruits (of labour :P) hanging around. Made me happy, very very happy πŸ™‚ Growing plants is one of the most satiating experiences in life! It’s almost like your own baby!:)


  • The heritage city that Hyderabad is, never fails to amaze you. You think that it is all limited to Golkonda or Charminar or older parts of the city, but bump into them anywhere else too, if you are open to them ofcourse πŸ™‚

So, I was going to a school for some work and found these ruins on the way!

20130709_145052 20130709_145115

On my way back, I went in tho this particular building below and got to talk to the care-taker. She was saying that this place is in demand for filming! She did not know the names of the movies but was sure many Hindi and local ones were shot here.

20130709_145844 20130709_150000

Can you see that all the neighbouring sites have *modern* complexes springing up, while this one stands as a proof of the glorious past?

20130709_145742 20130709_150206

This seat! Just right for sitting and getting lost in the world of books! Isn’t it?:)

20130709_150125There are so so many such places I get to visit, esp temples an old world charm of their own. They so deserve a complete post though πŸ™‚ Sometime soon!

  • In other news – Remember the weavers I had written about here? They got a chance to share space with so many designers and other artisans at an exhibition organized by Crafts Council of India. I am so so happy for them. This is such a boost for their morale πŸ™‚


20130710_173116 20130710_173355 20130710_173547 20130710_174045


  • By the way, am planning to do a Friday Feature, showcasing people following their heart and promoting the cause of handmade and the various forms of Indian art (mostly that). What say?

Hope all of you had a great weekend. What did you do? Until we meet next, Tata!:)