Phew! I am finally posting for the day before the clock strikes 12 🙂 Having been used to scheduling posts to be published just minutes after 00:00 on almost all days, I was wondering what I could post for the day. My bag, which is a backpack on most days, carries my net-book, my kindle, a few books which I am currently reading and the essentials like the keys, the wallet and the sunglasses – that’s about it.

Today, I had been to Ramakrishna Math as I was supposed to take a session in their value orientation camp for youth. I received a huge bundle of books and  like you know, nothing could have made me happier 🙂 And so my bag today has a lot of books, one of them which I totally loved everything about – the title, the cover and ofcourse the contents.

So, that is what my bag has today – ‘Empowering the Youth – The Vivekananda Way