The favorite question that the two sets of parents love to ask whenever we make a trip back home is ‘So, when are you moving back to Bengaluru?’  And every time they do that, one of the foremost things on my mind is about our plants here – our little garden which is so much a part of us. How would we take them all safely? Will we really be able to carry them along or transport them with the other things? I know you must be thinking that I am joking, crazy even!, but am not 🙂 I had been adamant about getting my Tulasi plant when we moved here and had told the Movers-n-Packers guys about getting it safely so many times that it was the first thing that they handed over to me when they got stuff here 😉

It is so easy for people to say that we can give them away, but really, aren’t they like kids too? How do you give them away? So easily at that?

If you are wondering about why I am blabbering so much about all that, the prompt for today is ‘Environment’ because it is World Environment Day – an annual event that is aimed at being the biggest and most widely celebrated global day for positive environmental action.

So yes! Make judicious use of water, don’t waste food, carpool or even better use public transport etc.. etc…, but with all that, have a little garden, a few plants wherever you can. It is more for yourself than for the environment. But ofcourse, we have to sustain the environment for none but ourselves, right?

We have only a small 9*2 balcony attached to our living room, but it houses our own sweet garden and makes our day, every single day 🙂 It is so exciting to spot that new offshoot or a new bud sprouting up or that little tomato appearing from nowhere. Bliss!:)

And after all that blah-blah, here is a sneak peek into our little space. And while at it, simple tips like using the water we use to clean vegetables/fruits to water the plants and watering them early morning when it’s not so hot as to evaporate all the water can bring about a lot of change 🙂


And about that question, they have given us a deadline till next Ugadi (Kannada new year) now! So people in Hyderabad, do let us know if you would want to give any of our plants a home 😛

And err, forgive me for all the gyaan, will ya?;)