Theme for this week:

“RICH” (Money, Gold, Wealth, Expensive Things, Fancy Things,…)

I know I keep saying this time and again, but I just love love love anything handmade 🙂  The artisans pour their heart into it and you feel an instant connection when you buy something like that. So one thing that I never used to miss visiting was the National Handloom Expo.  Somehow, I missed the last 2 ones and was so glad to bump into the same on my way back from work today. I did not even know that it was on and so my joy knew no bounds. Now the expo is a place where not only everything they sell is handmade, but there is also a section dedicated to showcasing and explaining the different weaves. The person who happens to be in-charge of the same this time turned out to be from Bengaluru and   so gave special attention explaining the different weaves to me 😛 His name was Shankar and he even asked me to visit the Weaver’s center here so that he could show me more of them weaves 😀  And if you are wondering about why I am blabbering so much for a photo challenge, have a look at these master-pieces of art yourself! Rich, aren’t they?

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That’s Shankar, the master weaver!


1 2 20130328_135553 20130328_135604 20130328_135624 20130328_140020 20130328_140033 20130328_140054
20130328_140324 20130328_142341He even explained to me how the tie-n-dye ones are done and why they are called so. When they have to get Colour 1 at certain places, they tie the parts which have to be dyed in Colour 2 and so on. He was telling me this bedsheet in the background below takes a month to make! The foreground explains the technique!


uLike? 😉