Today was such a satisfying day! We had arranged for Holi celebrations in about 20  destitute homes, old-age homes, slums etc.. across the city (with eco-friendly colours and least amount of water possible ofcos :P). I was lucky enough to play to my heart’s content starting with a destitute home for girls in the morning and then in about 6 slums 🙂

There were so many things which made my day today and I thought they truly deserved a post! I so miss recording the beautiful things, the beautiful people I encounter in this space 😐 Must make amends soon!

We work in a bunch of slums here, running tuition centers for the kids daily, since they have nobody to help them with homework/studies etc.. when they are back home from school.  It takes a big deal to start work in the slums – you first need to win their trust in you – that you have no political motives etc..; you also need to work on changing their way of life – hygiene, cleanliness and the kinds; you need to help them with money management – some of them earn about 25K per month, but only don’t know where to spend it – they spend it lavishly. This takes months together and they start changing the lifestyle. The cluster of slums I visited today were totally new, we started work there only this month, which means we have still not set solid ground there. But still, not one man/college boy misbehaved. Not one of them even applied colours on me. No pranks whatsoever! They kept their line and only played with the men from our side. So many I knew were apprehensive about coming to a slum with me to play Holi.

I also met a few who are currently pursuing their degree, including B.Tech – yes, even girls! Such a ray of hope, isn’t it? 😀

And lookit what I saw! A 10-day old calf of a camel.  Cute, right? 🙂

20130327_103429 20130327_103408

And this little boy below really made by day today!  I was on my way back from playing Holi at the first location when I heard someone call out to me “Akka, gurtu pettara nanni? March poyara nannu?” (Akka, do u remember me? No?) Honestly, I happened to meet too many kids during my work, but I try to remember them as much as possible, and ofcourse the face always seems familiar right? But this one time, I could hardly figure out where I had met him 🙄 I still carried on the talk, wished him Holi and lauded him for remembering me so well 🙂 I asked him how he remembers me, and he said that he had seen me during the event I had blogged about, which had about 1200 kids and about 500 others 😯  I was overwhelmed. Kids always amaze me with the amount of love they shower upon anybody who meets them even once and also the genuine way in which they ask me how I have forgotten them or why I am not meeting them often or what better work I have rather than meeting them (while this is because there are more than 50 different places we visit and I end up at a particular place again after months together (sometimes even an year) ).


Well, that was my Holi in a nutshell 🙂 Hope all of you had a wonderful day too. Happy festival of colours people 🙂