My penchant for things eco-friendly and small entrepreneurial is not new for people who are connected with me on FB and to some extent on this blog too. I love love love going green to as much extent as possible and also connecting with people who actually make them products.

And so, Good Seeds Bazaar which gets the two together on the first Sunday of every month under one roof, was one place I always wanted to be in and finally achieved it today πŸ™‚ The Bazaar had everything ranging from brinjals to bangles to baskets to what not πŸ˜› You can get your monthly provisions (all organic), get your weekly quota of farm-fresh organic produce and also indulge in khadi wear, sarees, home decor and the like – all while connecting with people who actually make them. Β Oh and books too! How can anything be complete without them?:)

Lookit! πŸ˜€


This lady had gorgeous sarees and dress materials in pure Mangalagiri, Kalamkari, Chanderi etc.. You can check out her collection on FB at Tasarika Collections.


Nature Alley had these awesome Kalamkari fabric bangles, in addition to pure khadi dhotis, towels, napkins, kurtas etc.. They are based out of Bengaluru and you can have a dekho at their stuff here: Β Nature AlleyΒ 


We have been working with this Non-profit Kriti who get bags, quilts etc.. made by women in Hyderabad slums. They always have such pretty Kalamkari stuff – I had bought their bags and other things before. Bought a quilt today.

Kriti on FB

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This I think is my loot of the day. An upcycled pet-jar which can be used as a cookie-jar πŸ™‚ This is from Sandeepani Initiatives.


While we are on the topic anyway, Rustic Art is one place I totally trust when it comes to my detergent, soaps and shampoos. They are totally organic and you can actually feel that touch of nature in them. Β Rustic Art on FB. Β Our skin and hair totally went for a toss after moving to Hyderabad, thanks to the hard water here. These products from Rustic Art have been really helpful to get my frizzy hair under some control atleast.

Recently, I also discovered Sai SampadaΒ which sells natural powders for hair, face and body wash. They were there at the Bazaar today and I picked up one of each. Will let you know how I liked them πŸ™‚


For those who want to know which book I bought : D


Since we are talking about eco-friendly stuff and Holi is coming close, here is where you can buy eco-friendly Holi colours from:

Specially for the Hyderabadis

I had to do a lot of research to find out where I can get organic vegetables and Β fruits in Hyderabad. Provisions are still available at many places including Spar, etc..Β So, putting together the options I am aware of for buying your organicΒ vegetables and fruits.

  • Good Seeds Bazaar – Saptaparini, Road No.8,Β Banjara Hills –Β 1st Sunday of every month
  • Hyderabad Goes Green – Road No.5, Banjara Hills – They call you on every Friday to take the order and you can collect it on Saturday. This is where we get our stuff from every week, mostly because of the proximity.
  • Sahaja AharamΒ – Tarnaka, Secunderabad – Inside the CSA campus (Dr.Ramanjaneyalu from here was on Satyameva Jayate). You have to call and find out when they have the stock of vegetables.
  • Jiva’s OrganicsΒ – I had called them too, but have forgotten the exact details now. They were not delivering anywhere close to my place and so I had to give up.
  • Sristi Naturals – I think they deliver only around Kukatpally.
  • Grameen MallΒ – Am not sure of the frequency, but they put up a ‘Sampradaya Santha‘ in Marredpally.

I hope this was helpful. Please do let me know if you are aware of any more and I will add them here.

Hope all of you are having a great weekend. Until we meet next, Tata!