…when a little kiddo who attends tuition at your office spends the 2 rupees that her Mom gives her once a week for a chocolate, to get Vanilla wafers for you and tells you that she anyway eats it every week and so wanted to get something special for her *Akka*.

…when another kiddo’s mother comes with as many peanuts as she can hold along with her 2 kids in tow and tells you that she can run home and get more if you liked them.

…when you visit a friend’s place and the friend’s Dad heads to the kitchen to prepare and serve delicious crisp dosas for the wife, the daughter-in-law and you too.

…when you visit another friend and her grandmother forces you into eating a particular sweet because it is a special sweet which she believes the grandfather makes the yummiest.

…when the not-at-all-a-movie-buff husband gets tickets for a not-really-a-movie-buff wife  by finalizing on one after talking to ‘n’ folks at office and around, just so that he can surprise her before she leaves for a 7-day out-station training.

Love is what makes every single day special  and totally worth living 🙂