• Nobody read commented on my previous post *sob* *sob*. So, I am not going to continue with the travelogue today. But I have to write a post to make up for those 2 lost days during the vacation and complete the NaBloPoMo, and so this random post! This is my Post No.28 btw, 3 more to go 8)  (Pixie and Ani commented on the previous post while I was in the middle of writing this post, but I am not changing this bullet point 😉 )
  • We had ordered for a printer and it arrived yesterday. Guess what is the first thing the husband printed? This – ‘© Swaram’s Song of Life’ – Yes! He has earned some brownie points for himself. Am not going to crib the next 2 times that he says ‘2 min’ when I give him some work 😛 😛
  • I had been to a school last week and they had painted multiplication tables like this. I liked this idea of space utilization 😉


  • I had been to another school for the under-privileged school and saw so many girls there. Times are changing 🙂 🙂


This one was during the Physical Education hour – they were waiting to play kho-kho!


  • I went to meet some volunteers last week and had to meet them in a Cafeteria nearby since their companies did not let anyone inside. The Cafeteria was called ‘Chicago Cafeteria‘ When I asked the server why it was called so, he said ‘Mere ko kya maloom madam? Sheikh ne lagaya hai, usi se poochiye. Chicago kisi aadmi ka naam hoga :P’  [“How do I know madam? Ask the Sheikh! Chicago must be somebody’s name].  Btw, people from Hyderabad will know how all important discussions happen over Irani Chai and Osmania biscuits 😉 And my friend who is born and brought up in Hyderabad was telling me that the biscuits we had here were really authentic and yummy 😉


  • I love terracotta jewellery and I love shopping from social entrepreneurs. Luckily, I found a match right here in Hyderabad and very close to where I stay at that 🙂 The place is called Color D Earth – you can check out her FB page here. Awesome collection and very well priced too. I visited her studio last week to buy matching sets for the sarees that wanted to wear at Srisailam.

Here’s a sneak peek into her collection.

CollageShe has some stuff other than jewellery too!


Loved this at the entrance


I had a long chat with her on how she started, the artisans she works with and so on, and she heard me and helped me choose with so much patience. I am definitely going there for more 🙂

  • I love this Buddha at the restaurant we dined at when the parents were here. Never fails to catch my attention!


  • I had Bhel Puri for dinner in Srisailam 😉 And it was delicious! I loved how colourfully it was displayed too 🙂


  • During the recent trip, we could see that APTDC (Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation) is really striving hard to do what they are meant for and also trying to keep everything as eco-friendly as possible. They are even calling it the ‘Eco-tourism’ initiative.

Here’s a glimpse. This was at the place where we stayed in Srisailam.


  • Here’s what I will post as my next and last three posts for the NaBloPoMo 🙂 I am yet to write them long travelogues, but just knowing what I will be writing is half my work done, isn’t it? : D

Wordless Wednesday – 44
Shivaji Spoorthi Kendra (which is pending from Day 2 of the Srisailam trip)
Day 3 of the trip

Phew! Done with another post 😀  And I know what the remaining 3 will be too 😀  *heaves a sigh of relief*