And so, we are starting early tomorrow morning on that most awaited trip 🙂 Dad, Mom and sis arrived here in the morning and we have been madly busy since then. Su had planned to take today off long back while I was very sure I would be going to work. Somehow, he tricked me into working from home too and am thankful he did. We had a lot of fun just chatting, catching up with things, pulling each others’ legs and so on. I made all their favourite stuff for breakfast and lunch and succeeded in keeping Mom and Dad away from the kitchen – Yay!  I had even made besan ladoos yesterday for the journey and they are already over; nope, am not complaining at all 😀 Ofcourse, we got our regular quota of pickles, masalas, Bengaluru special veggies like Avarekai (Val beans) and so on too 🙂

Sis was so happy to meet the watchman, maid etc.. whom she had come to know very well during her 1 year stint in Hyderabad. She also wanted to treat us all at one of her favourite restaurants here and the buffet spread was more awesome than ever today 🙂 We also got mehandi on our hands 🙂


The last time all 5 of us went on vacation together was right after our marriage and that has been so long. It’s so wonderful to see the four most important people in my life bond so well with each other *touchwood*  And they are so so bitten by the blogging fever too 😛 No no, none of them blog but one of the most important points being discussed was whether I should depend on the data card for posting the next three days or just schedule posts 😉 Oh well, I don’t even have time to think of 3 more posts now, so am now at the mercy of time and my data card indeed! I hope I get to post atleast a pic on the next three days. Somehow, the very thought of posting live from the vacation is very thrilling 😆

Anyway, let me stop now because I am just blabbering without meaning anything !?! We are yet to pack our stuff too, though I have decided which saree I am going to be wearing and also bought a new terracotta set to go with it too 😀

See you on the other side of the vacation guys! Happy weekend and happy Republic Day too 🙂 Wish us good luck … tata!