• …. are times when you sight milkmen vying for new occupants fighting over who has more houses in the neighbourhood.
  • …. are when you see little boys deliver newspapers to earn some bucks, before they trod to school. Many of them have now graduated to bikes from cycles.
  • …. are also when you get to hear a lot of and wide variety of music – the newspaper boys mostly sticking to peppy numbers, while some others choose to begin their day with the Suprabatha. Some even prefer a romantic start to the day, while there are others who stick to those which arouse some patriotic fervour.
  • …. are also times of the day when all sounds are crystal clear – the train whistling at a distance, cats fighting with each other and meowing like a little kiddo is crying in the distance.
  • …. are also when you see other health/ sports freaks walking along or heading to play a game of tennis or badminton or to their yoga classes.
  • …. are when you see someone returning home after an overnight journey – for/ from a business trip perhaps, or an awesome vacation or just a casual visit back home.
  • …. are also when you return from your walk and the husband who had gotten up and gotten ready even before you, and gone back to bed again for those extra 5 min, tells you “Getting up, just 5 more min, we will not miss the walk, don’t worry‘ hehehe πŸ˜›

Good morning people! It feels so good to be back on the morning walk trail again. The knee is almost there, very very close to 100% πŸ™‚ Thank God for small mercies πŸ™‚