There is one question which people mostly ask me when I meet them now – So, what is your work actually like? or sometimes even tell me that I might have a lot of free time on my hands now, given that I have quit my job πŸ™„ Well, it is very difficult to explain what I do, because every day is so different and more importantly, keeps springing pleasant surprises and inspiring lessons every now and then πŸ™‚

Like today! I called Su at about 4PM and told him I might be heading home soon and that he need not pick me up, since I had a bad bad cold. But thankfully, I did not πŸ™‚ I got back just now and what a highly fulfilling day it has been!

I got time to actually sit and talk at leisure to one of our newest full-timers, V. V joined us only about 15 days ago. He was a student at one of the training centers we volunteer in for people with disabilities. He was super-smart, we asked him if he was interested in joining us and he did. Yes, you read that right. V has a locomotiveΒ disabilityΒ  with a problem in both his legs since birth. I have always been impressed and inspired by the way he works like any other and how self-motivated he is. But today, that just increased by leaps and bounds when he told me about his earlier life. V’s mother committed suicide due to an unbearable pain in the stomach and his father died thinking about the same, when V was just in his 8th. V had 2 younger sisters and one younger brother to care for. He completed his 10th and followed it up with a Diploma staying away from home in a hostel, while his grandmother looked after his siblings. He lost his grandma soon after the completion of his diploma. And he bowled me over by saying how grateful he was to God – what if his grandma had expired an year before? Who would have looked after his siblings!?!

V took up a job immediately after his diploma, saved every penny, invested in chit funds and has been looking after his siblings ever since. His sisters are married and V says he is very grateful to God again that they are doing good, with his brothers-in-law being very understanding and caring too. V is also supporting his brother who is doing his B.Tech and says they both areΒ inseparableΒ πŸ™‚ Β I was asking V what his siblings’ names were and recognized that his brother’s name infact appears in his mail-id too. I asked V if they had created a single ID before between then, but he told me that they both have each other’s name in their IDs πŸ™‚ Such an optimist! I really had goosebumps while I listened on. God bless V and his family!

Today, I also happened to visit homes of the children who attend our free tuition center at our office. They are mostly kids of watchmen, masons, vegetable vendors and the like. Amazingly, they all study in an English medium school! And as expected, their parents were very supportive were telling me how much they want their children to study and carve a niche in life unlike what they ended up being. If you happened to see the one-little-room houses they stay in, you will definitely wonder how they are even able to pay up the huge fees that these schools charge. But they are doing it for the children and want to see them settle well.

That’s Uma with her Mom


Guess where this place? Right where the IT hub of the city lies. Uma’s father transports potted plants in this bullock cart.


Uma and Lakshmi. The man at the back with a towel over his shoulders is Lakshmi’s father. He has 5 kids, but is educating all of them. He is a watchman.


That chotu is Ganesh! Just in LKG, very very intelligent and never misses his classes πŸ™‚ That’s his house.


Yes, they all came with me to each other’s houses like it was a mini-picnic πŸ˜› And ofcourse, there had to be a group pic πŸ˜‰


Hope all of you had a lovely day too!:) Good morning, evening, night depending on wherever you are folks. God bless!