Recently, one of our friends announced that she was expecting. The group got talking about it, the general teasing, asking her how she felt and so on. Now this girl has always wanted to have a boy; not for any of the wrong reasons, but just because she likes to have one and like so many of us say we want to have a daughter. Some people pounced on her like she had committed a sin! And this temperament bothers me more than anything else! Why can’t someone have a boy just like so many of us want to have a girl? Why do we label anybody like that? Why do we think it is always because they are supporting a male dominated society? Why are we conditioned in one direction? Why can’t we ever take a neutral stand?

Similarly, a girl I met recently was telling me that anybody who wears a salwar suit in her college is labelled as a nerd! Seriously? If there are one extreme bunch of people who judge those who wear jeans, don’t wear black beads and so on, there are also another extreme bunch who judge those who choose to wear the other kind of dresses, dress up in traditional wear or whatever too? Why so? If we have the freedom to wear jeans, we should also let others have the freedom to wear salwar or saree or whatever they want right? When will we ever start letting people be what they want to be, without being judgemental? I sometimes feel as comfortable in a salwar as in my jeans, I wear toe-rings not because anybody has forced me to, infact I have a family who are the coolest about this and every other thing, but just because I like to.

Why is this so difficult to understand?

P.S: Had seen this on FB. Isn’t it so apt? πŸ˜‰