Theme for this week:

FRUIT (Apples, Oranges, Pears, Fruit Drinks,…)

We had been to Achampet, a town close to Hyderabad for one of our activities sometime last year. We had stopped at a temple-cum-view point on the way and spotted these fruits there. They were nothing like any of the fruits I had eaten before. I had asked for the local name back then, but don’t seem to remember it right now. The fruits were very very sour at the outset, but very very sweet inside. That’s how you get to relish things eh, put in your efforts, bear it all and then get to relish the fruits of your labour πŸ˜‰

Amazing how many surprises nature has in store for us! I liked the entire setting too, complete with the women dressed so colourfully and the beautiful views nature had to offer!


The setting, for those who want to know how beautiful the spot was πŸ™‚


I hope to get these fruits again during our impending trip to Srisailam. Yup, this spot is on the way to Srisailam! Yay!:)