Ofcourse it is, when we get to go on our first vacation in January itself 😀 *touchwood*  How does it matter even if it is only for 3 days, and to a place we have been to already and the knee is only about 85-90% okay, eh? Esp. when my awesome foursome are going to be with me! Yes, Mom,Dad,Sis are coming along too 😆 And it is such a beautiful place – a perfect mix of natural beauty and food for your soul too – so Srisailam, Mahanandi and Ahobilam beckon us this Republic Day 🙂

2012 was so drab! In Feb, we had to cancel our tickets to Shillong at 11PM in the night for our early morning flight, thanks to some critical issue at Su’s workplace :grrrr. And then the knee injury kept me away from even thinking about a vacation for 7 months in the year hmmpf!

And just so you know how superly-duperly (on the lines of utterly-butterly :P) awesome these places are, here are some pics from our last trip.


And if you want to see more and read about it too, you are most welcome to read my previous posts on the same. Actually, please do, pretty please hehe 😉