I bring this upon myself every single time! Applying for a book review from BlogAdda exactly when I already have too many things on my plate. This time, it was around Diwali and then work followed and I was wondering when that mail from BlogAdda would drop into my box asking me if I am ever going to review it πŸ˜‰ So I made up my mind to finish it over the weekend, only to be able to read just a few pages of it on Saturday. But then, I had to do the review today and I sacrificed by beauty sleep yesterday *ahem* and read it in 5 hours flat! Add to it the fact that I was not in a mood for thrillers for sometime now and had only been into very light reading.

The credit does not go only to my resolve ofcourse πŸ˜‰ but to how glued the book keeps you too. I had read many reviews singing praises of the book, but had also read a few which said that his writing had become monotonous. This was my first book of his though and I am already hungry for more!

The book starts with a covert CIA agent exchanging arms for blood diamonds, then moves to Kerala where a doting father who lost his son in a nuclear mishap is trying his best to ensure that the nuclear plant about to be unveiled in their town of Devikulam is taking care of all the safety norms, and the introduces theΒ Boston Global Bank (GB2) in Mumbai to the reader – an international bank which is stunned by the mysterious killingsΒ  deaths of some of its key employees.

The plot keeps oscillating between Devikulam, Mumbai and Vienna (a surprise addition) but keeps you captivated all along! Weaving a story of lies and deceit around such a plot, one can so easily mess up things and confuse the reader. But Ravi has done a great job of switching between them. The reader is left trying to connect the dots all along and still missing some links, thankfully making it *not predictive* like many thrillers tend to become.

Most of the thrillers I have seen/read (atleast many of them) think that making a character suspicious and then clearing them off the charges totally makes for a great read. I am glad this was different. The book does not drag anywhere and is very crisp. I loved the investigation part too, which was so rich in details without getting gory or the like. Thanks to the book, I also got to learn a lot about the banking sector which I hereto did not pay much heed to. So much work behind the scenes … phew!

All in all, I am glad that I met the John Grisham of banking πŸ™‚

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Hope all of you had a great weekend. I did, thanks to a blogger friend I ended up meeting after a long long time. The last time I met someone was when I met Deeps and Meera in Saddi Dilli in July 2011, during our Kargil trip!:D