I was looking for a few comfy daily-wear Capris on Shopo.in. They are almost the only things in which the knee feels good too. Though I explore and buy ‘n‘ things online, I am not very much for buying two things online – clothes and footwear. These are things I want to touch/feel/wear in case of the former, and wear and walk in case of the latter.

But still, I gave in to the need of the hour and ordered a single piece on one of the shops, NUTEEZ. I was extremely satisfied when they delivered within a day and the cloth felt really really good too (and their designs are so happy-happy). In addition, I also noticed that the colours were not running when I washed them. All in all, they had one happy and satisfied customer who headed back to Shopo to order for some more, but unfortunately they had run out of stock on Shopo.

That was when I explored some more and headed directly to Nuteez.com (Nuteez on FB) and got really kicked up about the choices. Selections were made, payments done and I was waiting for the order. Again, the package arrived really quickly but I realized that they had sent a pair of shorts instead of one of the Capris. I re-checked my order to ensure that I had indeed ordered them properly and then wrote them a mail almost immediately. I had realized that the price of this one Capri was a little lesser than the others, but then brushed it aside thinking it might me something to do with the material, design etc..

I received a call in minutes after sending the mail. The lady on the other side asked me to courier back the shorts and make the difference payment after which they could send across the Capri. I told her I was badly in need of the same and going out and sending a courier would take time and that it was unfair I had to wait till that time to receive a new one, esp. for no mistake of mine. She was saying she could not help it when another lady S took over. S apologized for the same and said that there was some back-end error due to which the price was the shorts reflected for the Capri because of which they ended up dispatching the same in my order. Somewhere in between, I mentioned the ligament injury too and S said she had been through it too some years back and knew how painful it was. (Later got to know she is the co-founder)

Not only did they send me the ordered Capri the very next day, they refused to take the extra payment too and also sent a courier guy home to pick up the pair of shorts! And when I got in touch with them to let them know that the parcel had been picked, they said they were very sorry for all the trouble I had go through.

I was amazed by their customer service. Quality, pricing, on-time delivery are by themselves some of the most important things we look forward to. In addition to that, such a personal connection in which they understand the needs of the customer and go overboard in fulfilling them is like the icing on the cake indeed.

And that is what I mean when I say I like shopping from small scale entrepreneurs and online stores – connecting with them one-on-one, the exchange of a dozen mails, calls, messages, the thrill of knowing who created a certain thing for you (sometimes even customized) makes it all so worthwhile. I think, even for them, the first-hand joy of knowing how people feel in what they have created is something unbeatable 🙂 More power to them!

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