Aunty left today. You know how it is like when even one person who has been with you for sometime leaves! It feels empty, the house and the heart – may be a little corner of it, but still. I will miss her mostly for the lovely conversations I had with her, esp. about books and the marathon CID watching sessions that we both indulged in πŸ˜›

I had never met Aunty before; had met her daughter L a couple of times but don’t remember if L had ever told me about or if I had even asked her about their family. It’s only when Amma told me that she was bringing L’s Amma with her to be Β with and tend to me for a month or more, that I connected the dots. But it’s just so easy to bond with her.Β I can see the bonds that Aunty has built with other families she has stayed with before (mostly taking care of expecting mothers/new-borns) when most of them call her even now to Β share with her the littlest joys of their life like their kiddo now saying a few nursery rhymes and so on. They even make the kids tell her the same on phone.

I have learnt a lot of lessons from Aunty. She is obviously so adaptive, given that she has stayed with so many families and that they still stay in touch with her. She is open to learn from anybody. Never had any qualms about asking me for new recipes or different versions of the same dishes. I can still remember the child-like glee on her face when a saree that we had ordered for her online arrived πŸ™‚ She even wore the saree yesterday night and came out from her room saying ‘Surprise‘, just to show me how it looked.

She prepared various masalas, instant mixes and so on which would make our job of cooking easier till I can recover some more. Even today, when she had to leave in the evening, she made some elaborate breakfast and even kept the Idli batter ready for tomorrow morning. Β She made Bhindi fry for dinner just because Su and I love it. While we were telling her to take it easy today, she wanted to go all out and cook more because it was her last day here πŸ˜›

Today morning while we were looking for some books for her to read during the journey, she was telling me how she sits with her 6yo grand-daughter reading books, because it is so important to inculcate the reading habit in children, I was wishing I could have her stay here for a little longer. But ya, she has to leave some day and am sure we will keep in touch over phone and try to meet whenever we end up in the same city πŸ™‚

The beauty of relationships … you never know how and when they happen, so strong at that! God bless her πŸ™‚