A few months back, while travelling on work, I was happy to have the company of 2  friends who work with me and are avid readers too. We sat talking about various things one minute and smoothly transitioned into the world of our own books the next – I was reading a detective, one of them had a biography in hand and another was reading more serious stuff.  It kind of gives you a high to be in the company of book lovers. I was smiling at the scene when it was time to go to sleep (for the co-passengers that is) and all of us retired to our berths but still continued reading. I was happy to get the berth  at the very end because I could use the passage lights to continue reading (I would have frowned at the proximity to the toilets at other times, but this time it proved as a blessing thanks to the fact that I had forgotten my reading light) when I saw another man walking towards the passage with ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo‘ in his hands. It was 10PM then and as I went on till 3AM, I saw that this man was there too – all that time! When he was done with probably what he aimed to finish or at a certain logical point, he marked the page, closed the book, smiled and went away. Such scenes stick with me and invariably bring a smile on my face too.

The aunty is an avid reader too. I read very fast, but she is now beating me to it bcoz I have slowed down due to the pain, lack of sleep and what not 😐 She is done with 3 books while I am finishing 1 of mine. Not only that, she totally rejoices in what she is doing. She keeps telling me about various famous authors she had read during her childhood and shares tit-bits she knows about them. She narrates interesting incidents from some books and also smiles a naughty smile when she tells me that she read more novels than her own school books 😛

Today, she was telling me how her Father used to be very angry with his * daughter* reading books and ask her to help her Mother with the household chores, while her Mother who did not know how to read would tell her to leave all the work to the Mother and read aloud instead so that she could listen to the story while working too 😉 She was telling me how she used to wait for her brothers to go to the library in the nearby town and get books for reading, after which she would sneak in and grab the book and finish reading it before it was time for them to return the book. Her excitement rubbed over me and I wanted to listen more and more, and that in turn made her more excited and we talked about books and authors and stories and genres for so long.

It is such a warm family, that of book-lovers. Its almost like you can connect with them instantly wherever and whenever it is. What do you say? 🙂