Its been ages since I have written two posts on a single day! But this one just to let you know guys about how well those kids studying their 10th in the ‘government’ schools here have fared in their exams. The results were announced yesterday and I got to know from one of the schools in our network that 50 out of 62 students had cleared through theirs’. Not bad at all I thought πŸ™‚ More news like that followed with reports of students having cleared their exams and scored decently well too.

Today, I called another headmaster because one of my most favourite students [had written about her in this post] studied there πŸ˜› Now this girl is a star performer – she was the MC when Dr. Kalam was here for the Lead India campaign and so on. I was more than eager to know how she had done but somehow could not do so yesterday at all. And what do I get to hear? She has scored 90% and stands 4th in her school!! The two toppers have scored 95% πŸ’‘ Β Her parents were over the world when I called in to wish them today. Her Dad was at work when I called him in the morning, but remembered to get her to call me back once he reached home. She is now even doing a project on studying awareness about AIDS, at the end of which she will be awarded a certificate signed by Dr.APJ himself! Β A gr8 start to my weekend to see those students do so well and more importantly continue their education.

In other news, Su on his way back home today was looking for an auto after a friend happened to drop him close by. And as usual, neither did they agree to come by the meter nor did he agree to their terms. Most times we wait and at times we have even called the traffic police. Not that it made much difference to the auto walas, but still! Today, SuΒ decided to call up the traffic police helpline and they responded extremely well! One of them actually drove down to the point and took down a complaint enlisting the auto numbers that had refused to come by. He also ensured that Su got an auto to come by the meter. Now this itself was more than what one could expect. But but, the guy even called Su after some time to inquire if he had reached home safely 😯 Β Things are definitely getting better by the day , only left to you to raise a voice πŸ˜‰

That’s it for now people! Wishing u all a wonderful weekend πŸ™‚ I hope the Sun God takes a break over the weekend too πŸ˜›