Author: Rupert Isaacson

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I had been wanting to read this book for ages, and it was lying on my bookshelf for a long time too. I have taken this new oath to finish off all those unread books and only then buy a new one! I know that won’t last long, but still am going good till now πŸ˜›

The Horse Boy, written by Rupert Isaacson is the true story of their family’s journey all the way from the West to the plains and mountains of Mongolia, in search of healing powers for their son Rowan who was diagnosed with autism.

The Isaacson’s are heartbroken when they learn that 3yo Rowan is autistic. Their days begin to revolve around looking for ways to make him feel better, while lurking in fear about the next tantrum coming by. In the midst of all these, Rupert one day sees a miracle in how nature and esp. horses have a soothing effect on Rowan. Β Rupert also begins to notice that Rowan undergoes miraculous changes when he is around Shamans, even if it lasts only for a while. Β That makes Rupert decide to embark on a journey which could change their lives forever – to the spiritual home of the horses and the land of the Shamans – Mongolia!

The book is not only an inspiring story about an arduous, epic journey which cannot not touch your heart, but also makes for a beautiful travelogue. The author succeeds in bringing the natural beauty of Mongolia right in front of your eyes, which I think is remarkable while writing out such a heart-warming story and your own at that! You will definitely end up putting it on your must-visit list πŸ˜‰ Also, this is one of those books where you actually start associating with the characters. Every small improvement in Rowan brings a smile on your face and makes you heave a sigh of relief. It is really really interesting to learn about the Shamans as well – you would not want to believe such miracles work, but they have turned true and are right in front of you!

The journey is long, the going tough, the result unknown – Will the Isaacsons’s be able to last till the end? Will Rowan find a cure in Shamanism? Read to know more πŸ™‚