Dear (friend’s Mom and Dad),
It really warms Su and me when you take so much care of us – having us over for dinner every time we are late from work, remembering us every single time when you buy and try new things, introducing us to everybody with such pride in your eyes, treating us so much like your own children #transcendingbloodrelations

Dear neighbour,
You had no business telling my helper-maid that she need not have fixed timings to work at ours’ because I have quit my job, esp. when my days are not scheduled from 9-5 like yours and sometimes begin as early as 7am and end as late as 11pm! Oh well, even otherwise, you are none to do that #noseyneighbours

Dear husband’s friend,
You do own a number of franchise outlets of the brand of washing machine we own, but coming over at 11:30PM on the same day to fix the problem so that our routines are the least affected is much beyond anybody’s expectations even from a very good friend! Can’t thank you enough #truefriends

Dear Hindu,
I loved this small byte in Young World today. #stayingaheadoftimes
At the height of the freedom struggle, Ramprasad Bismil was sentenced to death for his role in the Kakori conspiracy. Tears welled up in his eyes when he met his mother for the last time. “What is this, my son?” his mother exclaimed. “I thought that the British Government shivered at the very mention of your name. I never thought that my son would be afraid of death!”
Bismil replied, “Mother, these are tears of joy – joy of beholding so brave a mother!”
The next morning he calmly walked to his death. #everydayismothersday

Dear differently-abled,
I am in awe every time I meet you guys. Not just because you have braved it all, but because it reminds me that you told us in the very first meeting, that along with us volunteering to help (serve) you, we should also give you a chance to volunteer and do your bit for the society. #hatsoff

Dear blog friends,
You warm my heart in more ways than one – sending gifts from across saat samandar, understanding why I would not have picked you call and not making an ego-issue out of it, being my pillars of support, reading my non-sense and what not. I know we are there for each other even when we may not be leaving our footprints on each other’s posts. Sounds too good to be real and still is! #virtuallyreal

Dear Aamir
I love your show. I DO! I was tired of all the cribbing I see around and with nobody still taking a single step towards fixing things. You have shown the way – what I loved most about the show was that when there are 100 different sources shedding light on the problems, you talked about solving it, and involving the public in doing it. Awesome!:) #satyamevjayate

Dear Blog,
My next post is going to be on RTI – Yup! I was always amazed by its power and it has just increased now, thanks to the gyaan and success stories I have heard from some of the greatest RTI activitists. And but ofcourse, how can I not share it with you all πŸ˜› #warningsignal No wait, I might still do WW tomorrow!

Dear all,
Let me know if you have read till here πŸ˜‰ ;). #haveaniceday