Oh well! There are many actually, but I wanted to use that title you know πŸ˜‰

I had written about an initiative we have undertaken to spread awareness on menstrual hygiene (majorly) and also on the biological basics and CSA amongst the needy class. Anytime that you happen to visit our place, you will find cartons of sanitary pads loaded everywhere, sometimes overflowing into our living room too πŸ™‚ And but obviously, people who drop in are curious to know what’s in them. Some of them recognize the dabbas and refrain from talking about it (sometimes women too :|), some really don’t know what’s in them and want to know, a few understand the cause and and are open to discuss about the pros and cons while there are others who ask dumbly innocently about what they are!Β  Su happens to explain about them with such pride in his eyes – Oh these? Swaram and her team (he even says ‘We’ at times)have taken up this cause to spread awareness among adolescent girls and so on he goes.

No, the point is not about me keeping mum and letting him (a man :P) explain about it, but about how easily he plunges in to explain without waiting for me do it, without cringing about it or sparing any thought to what others think or whatever. I have been surrounded by many such men and I am so glad to say that! While I was working on this project in the initial days – how do you really take it to rural areas, talk to them convincingly, explain how these are better than the cloth or in cases, how they can use the cloth in better ways, many of my ‘male’ friends helped me by carrying out extensive research and shared their points/ views with me. Many male friends drive me over to different villages almost every other week and sometimes twice or thrice in the same week too! When people congratulate us on this initiative and applaud our courage!?! in taking this further, I wonder if I would have really been able to do it but for all their support?

I am not sure if this post made any sense at all, but I wanted to jot this down because I have a smile on my face. My good man is now carrying cartons down, while another good one just called me that he is on the way to pick us up on our way to another village πŸ˜‰ In times like these (oh why, even otherwise) when we read about some man bashing up his wife, torturing his own girl child and so on, I believe such men require a mention too – they are not thinking about just their wife, daughter, sister etc.. but also about other girls who might be missing out on these privileges!

Here is a glimpse into the future with more such good men πŸ™‚ Met this boy who volunteered to carry these to distribute them to his classmates and asked me many questions about the same πŸ™‚