F.I.N.A.L.L.Y! After n threats requests mails from Harish and puppy-faced looks from Sags, I am trying to review her book ‘A Calendar Too Crowded’. Apologies guys! My calendar has been really crowded too πŸ˜›

When Sags announced that this book of her’s was gonna be released, I decided to buy it immediately. Not only because she is a dear friend, but also because the book sounded like one you should not miss! That’s your first brownie point there, na Sags ? πŸ™‚

The book is a collection of stories which reflect the theme of womanhood. With atleast 3-4 days dedicated to us every month in some corner of the world, are we really happy just celebrating them or are these days helping spread awareness about the respective causes? This is what Sags tries to put down in the form of stories, very thoughtfully woven around nameless protagonists who represent the voices ofΒ  millions of their kind. Some of them talk about how the women handled their situations positively in a beautiful way leaving you with a smile on your face, while others draw parallels with mythological characters, letting us know how we had actually enjoyed those rights and deserved too from time immemorial. A lot of research has definitely gone into writing the book, also quoting statistics wherever required and Sags has done total justice to it.

One fear I have while reading such stories/ articles/ books is that some of them totally shower harsh words liberally on the other sex to bring about the required effect. I hope you get what I mean.Β  Most of us have such wonderful men in our lives who are with us through thick and thin, and Sags acknowledges their presence so well, without it being able to override the importance of the main character – I found this to be the most beautiful aspect of her writing. Her approach to any issue is very well balanced – presenting views from either side, like when it comes to mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law.

If I have to pick out my 3 personal favourites, they would be ‘Witch without a Broomstick’, ”When the Ganges Ran Dry’ and ‘Sisters by Choice and not by Chance’ – the first one for everything about it starting from the theme, to the way it builds up to the ending; the second for the beautiful expression of what she is trying to convey through the characters, and the third for it actually made me cry and want to hug my sister tight at the very moment!

I only felt that a few, very few, actually just one or two stories could have been crispier but that’s about it. Beautiful language, nothing gone overboard and the very fact that you can connect with the characters [some of them or atleast a part of them for sure] makes this a must-read. You have a long way to go Sags and I wish you the very best. Hugs and do send me that gift you promised me for a good review πŸ˜› πŸ˜› Hugs!

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