11/12/11  – Good date eh? Well, that was when I last posted! And for one who loves the play of numbers, today’s is an interesting date too – a palindrome 😀  Ya, that’s why the title 😛 And that is why I decided to come out of my slumber and post today – to escape from making up an interesting title to bring you people back here *puppy eyes*  Errr please forgive this non-sense of a post because I have totally lost the writing touch. Ofcourse you don’t have to remind me that I never had one in the first place 😉 I felt like a VIP saying that you know *grin*

First things first, I wish and hope the New Year has brought in good cheer and more of that in all your lives.  So what have I been doing all this while? I have been busy [VIP feeling again ;)] but I hate it that I have neglected blogging altogether 😦 Infact, even my Dad who came visiting recently was telling me how much he misses reading me and being updated with important things in my life buahahahahaha 👿 I did conjure up a lot many posts in my mind while I was away and since I have nothing else to write today, I thought I will treat you guys with all that lying in the trash draft folder of my brain.

  • I was actually busy in December with YFS’s second birthday in January. Talking about that, Mom and my Mausis came over just to attend the function and I thought it was very sweet. Ofcourse there is happiness in doing what you want to do, but there is more of it when your family’s happiness also lies in the same.
  • While we are on YFS, it’s been more than an year since I quit my job and I am really liking it – the new role I mean, since I can’t call it a job!?!
  • Now that we are already talking about the new *job*, the best thing about it is that I get to meet people who have done the craziest things which might actually be deemed impossible. Like this retired young man who runs free evening classes for needy students in a water tank just because he thinks they can’t study if they get back home due to the very many chores waiting for them. He has even sponsoring their higher education and there are about 5 girls who have secured ranks in their engineering! Or like the young lady of 25 who was thrown out of her home because she told her parents she had adopted two AIDS-affected orphans, but still continues to run a home for 25 more such children now. That is the real unseen side of India for you!

The water-tank classroom if you wanna know what it looks like! 400 students study here!

The man behind it all 🙂

  • Talking about that unseen side of India, I thought of writing about the Sewa projects we saw in the remotest corners of Jammu and Kashmir where you thought life did not exist at all, during our trip to Ladakh. Should I or shouldn’t I?
  • Coming to other random stuff, I am dekindled 😦 My Kindle suddenly stopped working one fine day.  I was reading this book ‘Handle with Care‘ when the screen went blank all of a sudden. And I hate hate Amazon for doing nothing about it – might be one in a few cases, but still I am not very sure I will deal with them again 😦 That was a surprise gift from the husband btw, so I hate them all the more 😦
  • While on surprise gifts, the husband has mastered doing that. He has found a loyal friend in Flipkart and I keep receiving parcels and parcels of books when I least expect them. The recent one was a book titled ‘The Wonder that was India‘ which also came with a note that said ‘To one wonder, about another’  Isn’t he a charmer 8)
  • Books remind me of how I failed to review Sags‘s A Calender Too Crowded sent to me by BlogAdda. I can see both Sags and Harish all set to kill me, but I did remind him about how I had reviewed all the previous books much before the deadline.  To err is human afterall 😐 Soon soon, coming soon!
  • I thought I should also write about some amazing hand-made stuff I bought from our adorable blogger G’s admirable collection ‘Koyri‘. Here is one of the pieces I bought, and you should should check out the others.

  • Talking about friends, I can’t thank God enough for the lovely ones I have in my life. From not minding my missing your calls and calling me again on your own, to making it so easy for me to be your friend by forgiving me for bunking your sister’s marriage at the last minute, calling me to find out which of my weekends are free and cancelling  your already planned trip to Hyderabad to sending me lovely gifts including a pretty saree even when we have never met, helping me with buying the right OTG, spending hours talking on phone, writing n mails and leaving n+1 comments when I am not around, and what not – I owe a lot to this blog world. And that is the reason I torture shower you all with so much love in the form of these posts 😀  Hugsss!

I think I am done with my blabber for today. I want to post it on this palindromic day and it’s already 23:56 on my clock. Stay good all of you and please update with what’s going on in your lives since I have been reading your posts only on and off.  I hope I stay this time. Wish me good luck! Tata 🙂