One of the places I loved the most in Leh was this museum. Comparitively smaller than may be most other museums we have seen, but well located and maintained with a scenic backdrop, it does leave you mesmerized! Esp. with the theme and it’s exhibits.

The Museum is mostly dedicated to the Armed forces and also houses a war memorial.  While we debated between river rafting and local sight-seeing on our Day2 in Leh, most of us  voted for the latter mainly for this Museum and we were totally right in our decision 🙂

The entrance says it all!

All that is ours’, thanks to our border guards

The tough battle which ensued at every strategic point is well illustrated this way; shown here is the one at Tiger Hill, one of our major victories during the Kargil War

A befitting tribute to all the Kargil warriors

That fearlessness is probably the best attribute of our Jawans! Like Vivekananda says, ‘Be fearless and you will do marvellous work’

Vikram Batra! I am in love with him 😉 😉 Even in those extreme conditions, he voice those words ‘Yeh Dil Maange More’

Some beautiful quotes which adorned the walls!

Loved this one – being, doing and enabling 🙂

Kudos to that fearlessness again! We could see it in every single Jawan we met at Kargil

That firm conviction!

:! The toughest part 😦 I had tears from the minute I stepped into this museum! So touching.

Vijyant Thapar‘s last letter! What commitment at the tender age of 22! Unbelievable

The letter:

His father’s message:


The brave way you left this world, at the age of 22 is a measure of how you lived your short life and what you valued. In meeting the stark challenges of capturing Knoll against all odds, during the battle of Three Pimples with heroic coolness and single minded devotion to duty, you have achieved immortal honour. In death you have epitomised the spirit of national pride – an honour which makes every sacrifice worthwhile. Your actions will forever inspire generations of Indians to come. You have left us with pride for being the parents of a worthy son and a lifetime of pain for having lost a child we loved.
— Col. V.N. Thapar

Siachen glacier, as you might know, is the highest battle-field in the world at a height of 6400km above sea level. Imagine fighting in those tough terrains!!!! And they are supposed to carry arms, enough ration, sleeping bags and even their injured companions at times ❗

Their accessories were on display too

And the arms used by the enemies

Some amazing captures

:mrgreen: 👿

Err remember this museum houses some exhibits on Ladakhi culture too? It was fab, but I spent hardly about 5-10 min, thanks to being in a different world altogether 🙄 Some proof though 😉

Cute, aren’t they 🙂

The rear side of the museum opens into a vast open space, of which the War Memorial occupies the central place.

As you step out

The vast open space! Isn’t this one place where you can spend any amount of time, with a book in hand?

The War Memorial

Jai Hind ki Sena!:)