I read this book a couple of months ago and it was just not right on my part to not spread the word around 😦 This is a book all of you should read – in honour of the man who gave it his all on that fateful day, to reaffirm yourself that there are such good men in our forces too, to stop complaining about what all is bad about our country and spare a thought for such people who are giving us our peaceful nights.

In this biography written by Ashok’s wife Vinita Kamte, she unfolds every single incident which took place on that faithful night. She outlines how Kamte, Hemant Karkare and Vijay Salaskar amongst others, fought till their last breath and injured the only captured terrorist, before succumbing to their injuries. She did not give up her quest for truth about the ‘not-talked-about-much’ Cama hospital episode , until the authorities agreed to grant her access to call transcripts and audio records from the day.Β  In reading this book, you also salute this brave woman who sent her kids to school in just days after they lost their father and got to work to find out what actually transpired between her husband and others, and the terrorists.

The book also traces Ashok’s journey through the years which made him the officer that he was – dutiful, intelligent, hard-working and clearly and people’s favourite.

A book you must read to know the truth behind the scenes and one which will inspire all of us to do something, instead of waiting for things to happen! Vande Mataram!