It was our 2nd day in Leh, and our people were almost over the altitude sickness!

Tips for the traveller - At Leh airport

But still, with the person in our neighbouring room having been rushed to the hospital a few days ago for oxygen, the hosts advised us to go for local sight-seeing and not to the higher altitude places.  But ofcourse, we made the most of it 🙂

After some soothing hot chai [which they served out of some lovely flasks into lovely glasses], and some yummylicious Ladakhi Roti for breakfast [you should should have this when you visit Ladakh; it sells like hot cakes and our gracious hostess had to knead dough and make another round of them for the late-comers :P], we set out on a day-long local sight-seeing trip.

We had been on the road for just about 1/2 an hr or so, when we spotted this beautiful stretch – the first sighting of River Sindhu!

Ya, that is how Leh is. Everything is a sight ! Look at these pics we shot on the way  🙂  The entire route is along the Srinagar highway.

A construction up there! We later got to know that these are the queens’ compartments of the Leh Palace!  Wow rt?

All roads lead to our Jawans 🙂

You get to see interesting things, thanks to the altitude!

Our first destination for the day was Magnetic Hill!

The magnificent Himalayas do teach us a lesson in humility – look at how minute we are in front of them, a miniscule part of the whole wide world!

A small, pretty temple in the Magnetic hills 🙂

It was time to leave the attractive [literally] Magnetic Hill and head to Sangam, the confluence of rivers Indus and Zanskar. [About 35kms from Leh]. 

Coldddd water which almost makes u go numb, alternating with hot soft sand – an interesting experience I must say 🙂 And u get to see the water in 2 different colours, and then u see merging together – Lovely!:)

Pretty flowers along the stretch we walked through!

A souvenir shop set up by the Indian Army – Cool, no 🙂 – mugs, caps, hats, u get them all! Ofcourse I bought one – a lovely cap and took a pic in it with the Jawans there too!

It was time to bid good-bye to Sangam too.  The nature had shown us it’s splendid forms all through the first half of the day. It was now time to see some wonders created by man!

Glimpses of the Shanti Stupa

While Su and few friends grouped together and sung a few hymns there, I sat silent soaking in all the serenity around. Bliss!

The last place we visited on Day2 was an ancient palace in Leh. Was happy to see restoration work going on in the palace.

The first glimpse

From the palace heights

This palace is very different from most palaces I have seen in life. Wood is predominantly used in it’s construction, camouflaging it well in the sand(brown)-dominant landscape of Leh.

A closer look!

The entrance of the palace

All the pillars are made of logs of wood too

A place of worship inside the palace

From the Palace Museum

Phew! That was good for a day, wasn’t it? Actually, we had stopped at another wonderful, very important place before the Stupa. More on that coming up in the next part of Leh diaries! Stay tuned 🙂