Howdy people!  Hope all of you are keeping well! Am good too, and totally missing this space and all of you. :mrgreen:

I keyed in 100 posts in my head, but they never made it to this abode of mine 😦 [Hint hint that you will all be subjected to enough torture if I stick to posting here as much as I want to ;)]

Oh well, coming to the post now! Couple of weeks back, we had a visitor Lorrie from the US. Now Lorrie is one amazing lady! She visits India, Nepal and many other nations,  studies the needs in the society, and goes back and raises funds for the same and also helps us in any way she can. I had met her sometime last year too, but we had been able to interact for hardly about an hour or so . This time around, I took her around to see our projects and had the good fortune of spending one whole day with her. And that is when I realized how much more amazing she was. No cribbing about where we had lunch, about what she ate, actually about nothing at all.  She even walked kilometers of muddy roads to reach certain remote villages, with no complaints whatsoever.  And what more, she loves to travel in the red dabba buses because that’s where she gets to meet lovely people; chicken buses as she calls them!

We got down to talking about a lot of things. I was telling her about one of our projects – an initiative to keep adolescent girls in school by spreading awareness about menstrual hygiene and distributing sanitary pads for free!  Yes, 23% of girls actually drop out of school when they start menstruating,  or atleast stay out of school for 5 days a month 😦

That is when she exclaimed and it turned out that she was working on an exactly similar project to raise funds for girls who were dropping out of school in Nepal.  What a coincidence that was! And we discovered it was all so similar between the two nations – the same myths, the same practices – the world is much more united than we can even imagine! Their initiative is called 50 Cents. Period. – I love the name 🙂

We then talked about books, our favourite authors – turned about we had many likes in common! We spoke about Greg Mortenson [of the book ‘Three Cups of Tea’ fame]. Little did I know then that there were more things waiting. I started to talk about this another book that I had loved reading and had instantly become a fan of the author – the true life story of Jackson Kaguri, who is a father figure to all the AIDS orphans in his little village of Nyakakyezi, near Uganda.

And then, Lorrie exclaimed again. She was actually meeting Jackson the same day next month! Can u beat that !?! She was working on raising funds for the girls of Jackson’s school in his village and promised me a copy of the book signed by him 🙂 Woohoo!

Lorrie and me – we had met as two people trying to work towards a cause [She actually does, I am trying :P] and moved to being friends, and by the end of the trip soul sisters [My sister from another mother, in Lorrie’s own words :)]

The very thought of a book signed by an inspiring role-model had me on Cloud9 already. But  I got more, thanks to Lorrie 🙂 And here is Jackson shouting out to me, all the way from the States 🙂 Such a humble and down-to-earth person!

And check out what he says ‘Yes, I talk about Period, about Menstruation and about keeping girls in school!’ We need such men, don’t we  🙂

It’s such a small small and united world after-all 🙂