If you are in Hyderabad, or know the city well, you must also be knowing that this time of the year is one huge dhamaka here! With two festivals -Eid and Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations at their peak last week, actually for days before that and continuing so till the Nimajjan on Sunday [which is again a great affair in Hyderabad], the city wears a colourful look!

Am sure these pictures can tell you more than I can πŸ™‚ Nobody seems to bother about the crowd and traffic for a few days!

These pics from the old city [the real Hyderabad] on the eve of Eid! Aug 30th, 2011





Say it and you will find it πŸ˜‰

Something for the men!

And for the kiddos!:)

And for Pet Pooja πŸ˜€

LOL Ya, Bandhan is still running and is a super-hit πŸ˜‰ Wonder who watches it in theatre after all these years?

And this is how the same streets looked on the next day, the day of the festival! What were we there for u ask? But ofcos! U can never ever see old city like this on any other day πŸ˜‰ Aug 31st, 2011

Atleast we got to eat yummy kachoris and relish the most delicious lassi, malai marke!

The roads were occupied by a lot of vendors selling flowers and fruits for the Ganesh Puja though. When I asked them about being there even at 11 in the night, they said they were reserving the places as they would not be able to find any in the morning – they would sleep there all night! Advance booking eh πŸ˜‰

Can u spot the big Ganesha being taken to his pandal?

All roads lead to Charminar πŸ™‚

Charminar in all it’s glory!

Coming to Ganesha, there is a lot of awareness this time around and we could see many people resorting to clay Ganeshas πŸ™‚ We conducted a clay Ganesha making workshop in about 20 govt schools and orphanages, and the children were just amazing! Here are some such Ganeshas made my kids for you πŸ™‚

One good thing I like about the Hyderabad is that they don’t play those horrible jhakaas songs in the pandals, unlike Bengaluru! People usually carry out bhajans in the morning and evening, and sometimes play something instrumental/ devotional. Atleast, that is what I have seen in most pandals in the last 4 years πŸ™‚

Scenes from here and there ~

Family foto – from one of the pandals πŸ™‚
A hut for Ganesha near their own hut!
On the wheels!
In one of the schools
On his way for Nimajjan
The clay idol we made at home πŸ™‚

A beautiful idol sculpted in sand at the Inorbit Mall – Made by Sand Cult

Side view

Another eco-friendly Ganesha totally made of good grains and pulses – Hypercity, Inorbit mall

The 52feet famous Khairatabad Ganesha

That’s it for now folks. Will be back again on Sunday with pics from the NimajjanΒ  πŸ™‚ Tata!