…when I was busy doing other things! Ya, really!  Missed recording so many things here and I feel so bad about it. Just what is wrong with me? I either go on a NaBloPoMo posting spree, or totally leave this place unattended. Can’t believe I have written only 9 posts after the May NaBloPoMo 🙄 And so, today is the muhurat for writing about all that I must have written in the last two months *Hint for you to hit that close button on this page’😉 ;)*

So after typing out multiple posts in my head for more than 3 months and holding myself from posting it here already – Oh, the post for Su to thank him for bearing with me for 5 years *gulp* and thus impressing him to do so for many more,  I did not write a single word on the day! Ya, we completed 5 years of being man and wife, of falling in love all over again, of calling each other the worst partner in the world and then saying ‘you are the best’ within 2 min [well, that’s mostly me doing it], of travels, of big decisions and small quarrels, and what not! Ya, that’s the beauty of this relationship called marriage, no 🙂 Well, after all these years, Su still does not understand why I ask him to keep that handkerchief in the leftmost corner of the rightmost drawer of the ebony-coloured wardrobe and not on the computer table where it is so easily accessible! And I don’t understand why the number from which I received calls atleast 25 times in a day and each call went on for so long, is now always busy to receive even 5 calls a day 😉 Like he does not understand why I talk so much and I don’t understand why he can’t listen to my sweet chit-chatter 8)

We celebrated the day in a very funny way actually! We dined out on the previous day itself, had so much that we just could not go out the next day. We spent all the time at home, with movie plans for the evening. And that did not happen too, because I confidently told Su that there were 156 more seats available  [silly me!] and when I actually logged in to book the tickets, only the first row seats were available 😉  Anyway, a friend and his parents actually came home to wish us because we were supposed to go to their place on the way to the theatre, but called in to say the plan was cancelled. They had got kalakand cake which we cut, samosas, dhoklas, bhutta and what not! And ofcourse a nice pair of lamp-cum-candle stand from Ikea 🙂  Sigh! It is such a blessing to have such wonderful people around, because we were actually missing our parents here on the day 🙂  And that reminds me I did not even write about the surprise birthday party that Su, my sister and friends had planned for me – Cake cutting at 12 followed by loads of gifts, Dad’s surprise visit and a nice evening with kids in an orphanage:) And with that, Su managed to keep his trend alive of surprising me on every birthday in such different ways that I don’t even get close to guessing 😐 Well, what did he earn for himself? The onus of planning all parties in the future bcoz he demonstrated amazing organizational skills, he he 😀

While I am writing a totally random post anyway, here is something about today too. I went for this lunch meeting and thought I should use my waiting time qualitatively before the others came in, read buying shoes or magnets – and so I combined them and bought a nice shoe-shaped fridge magnet which says ‘India-every step is an adventure’.  Now, this lunch place is actually in South Asia’s largest mall just opposite the husband’s office! But never ever were we able to sync up our times.  Today was destined to be different.  Su had asked me to look for a particular laptop model which he wanted to buy for me, and surprisingly he dropped in to! We were supposed to buy a laptop, but it turned into so much more – random, aimless shopping on a working day – what fun! We bought a new TV unit, and then a new TV too, one we were eying for a long time and had forgotten all about  😉 Su then rushed to office while I relished a nice strong Cappuccino all alone and then shopped some  more [mostly provisions and a cute ‘Po’ stuffed toy :D]  I love such days which are totally unplanned and end so well!

With that, let me end this post too. Did anyone really read till here? Please blame the husband for this time-pass post. Am bored – he has not yet come home and I am so excited to talk about the new TV and the unit and test whether he can notice the new fridge magnet and then pull his legs that he just does not know his own home well!  Oh, I told u I won’t bore you with more stuff no 😀 Sorry dearies! Take care a have a nice day/ good night! Tata!

I think I will write the Leh travelogue soon! Atleast, I soooo want to. Leaving you all with another landing picture from Leh meanwhile 🙂