Today, since it’s only 10 more days to go for our trip to Kargil, we were all sitting and making a list of things we will have to carry – thermals, gloves, jackets and what not! And ofcourse,  there is the acclimatization to talk about.   Somewhere in the midst of all, I was left wondering what stuff are the people living there and more so these men working there made of?  Trekking through those terrains, sometimes even vertical heights and in that biting cold during the winters – I can’t even begin to comprehend it all.  I am always in awe of these people for this greatest decision they have taken in life, and am sure all of us are! And while in that mood and mindset, I was browsing through youtube to find some videos on them, the following ones , amongst a few others really caught my eye; esp. certain words uttered by them or their families. Just sharing it here for all of you and more for myself too, because my blog is my most favourite storage location 😛

Two girls in this video, just in school during the Kargil war, talk about how it inspired them to join the Indian army.

 This one is on the Martyrs of Kargil war.  It showcases how their families have been neglected through the years! And you can still catch a set of parents saying that they will send their kids happily if needed to fight for their Motherland!

Pal, you were so right in thanking the families in your message!

Now this one absolutely moved me to tears. Here they are fighting like there is no tomorrow, and when asked about their family and it’s safety,  Havaldar Yogendra Singh Yadav said:

 If our nation is secure, our families would anyway be safe.

These two have to be the most touching ones!  One of the greatest known Kargil Martyrs Vikram Batra and his better known Success signal ‘Ye Dil Maange More’

And this one where his brother Vishal Batra talks about him – 10 years after the Kargil war!  Like he says, no cell phones and the happiness that you can see on their faces when they queue up to call their families to let them know they are safe!

I get excited every single time when we are making a trip somewhere.  I read, read and read about the place, make notes, take prints and totally love each of these things I do from as early as a month or more.  It is the same this time too, only that I am reading more about the Jawans and the Kargil war and the like. I know we are not doing anything at all by just visiting them once, but for me and I am sure for all of us going there, it sure is a lifetime opportunity. And we really want to tell them how much we all look upto them. Ofcourse, such selfless peope never wait for any appreciation or the kind, but still. Looks like I will be sharing more such things here. Hope you all like it 🙂 And please do share with me if you happen to come across any nice read too.

P.S: Please leave your message for the Jawans if you have not already done so. Thanks much. Read the previous post for more info.