It all started with a mail he sent me  in March telling me to block my calendar for July 7th, the day of his cousin’s wedding – a nice place for us to catch up 😉  He sent me the invite a few days back, and followed up on it through mails till I said Yes 😛  I was still doubtful I  could make it after having had long days for sometime now, but am so glad we finally made it 😀

His phone calls in the midst of his busy schedule at the wedding, giving me so many local numbers to reach him on, inviting us over and over again, confirming whether Su would make it too, every single time – I was so touched!

And so we met – Rakesh and me, the cutie-pies Hayaa and Yuvaan, the gorgeous ladies – his wife and Bhabhi, his friendly bro and the entire family who made me feel so welcome 🙂  We did not get much time to talk, but the fav. topic of discussion was ofcourse about bloggers we had met 😉 And ahem, I am the first one on Rakesh’s list 8)

The kids totally stole the show.  I remember seeing their videos as li’l kids speaking in that toddler language, learning to walk – and here they were, running around all grown-up. I said Hi to Yuvaan and he refused to wish me back saying ‘I am busy finding my 4 friends, so I can’t say Hi’  Ya! He had time to say all that, but not ‘Hi’ 😆  [He is 4 now btw]

All in all, it was great meeting them, even if it was for a short time.  Having said that, Rakesh took leave of me after having asked his cousins to take care of me, apparently to take pics! It was only when I saw around that I got to know that he was getting himself clicked with his gorgeous wife in various poses and locations 😉 Watch out for those pics on FB u guys 😛

Oh and ofcourse, I got my gifts straight from Dubai 😀  Ahh just how well do my friends know what gifts make me happy! God bless 🙂

And since Rakesh was asking me how many bloggers I had met, and I felt like counting the number too, I thought of doing it right here. So here we go – Shruti, Crafty[Did I tell u guys I met her last Dec :P], Dew, Hypermom, Iya, Kanagu, Athivasi, Ajcl, Abha, Priyanka, Monu, Aryan’s Mom, Pixie, Richa, Lost World, Vimmuuu, Sari – Phew! Not bad rt 😉