Oh yes! Nothing less than that, and am sure all of you will agree, especially with the entire nation having seen what a iron-willed personality like Anna Hazare is capable of doing.

Ralegan Siddhi was initially known as Ralegan Sindhi, ‘Rale’ meaning fine sand, and ‘Sindhi’ a type of desi liquor.  When Anna Hazare stepped into his village with an intention to serve his people and homeland, the village was in such a pathetic state – absolutely no water, men wasting all their money on drinking and so on.  It took him ages to make ‘Sindhi’, ‘Siddhi’, meaning a village which has achieved it’s goal!

Most villages including Hiware Bazaar, have derived their inspiration from Ralegan Siddhi and so every good thing that can be found in Hiware Bazaar, all those things that I mentioned in the last post that is, can be found here too! Vice-versa actually!

A few other interesting things include a residential school which gives admissions to children who failed to clear their exams at different levels! I found this amazing – every single educational institution has cut-off marks, cut-throat competition to get into them and what not? And here is one place which is taking the onus of helping these children scale upto higher levels! About 300 students from all over Maharashtra now study in this school, and 200 from this school have joined the Indian Army!!!! Physical training is compulsory for everyone, including the teachers.

An other interesting thing is that if a man ends up drinking, he is tied to a pole in front of a temple, and is beaten by his mother and wife, and later by others too till he takes an oath that he won’t do it again 😛

I think this is one place any Indian has to visit once in his lifetime! The work one person can do with that dedication and commitment towards a selfless cause just warms your heart like never before!

And now for a few pics from Ralegaon Siddhi 🙂

Welcome 🙂

The temple, from where Anna Hazare started his work.  And this is the temple in front of which is the pole where the drunkard man is tied to and beaten 😉

Room in the temple where Anna stayed before
Anna's current residence

 Anna’s five-point success model!

There is a museum in Siddhi which houses a number of photographs showcasing the work done through the years.

Self-reliance! Working their way for a better village for themselves

The museum also had this nice model which shows ‘Ralegan Siddhi – then and now’. Toggle a switch and u see how the village has changed over the years 🙂


And last but not the least, let us all convey our heartfelt gratitude to Anna Hazare 🙂  Jai Hind!

P.S : All pictures in this and the previous post are mine! Pls dnt copy – am too tired to copyright them 🙄