Pallavi Ashram in Hyderabad is a non-profit organization that shelters the mentally challenged people and nurses them back to good health.  It was started by a husband-wife duo who have dedicated their full time in the service of such *unwanted* sections of the society.

The stories that the wife Sridevi shares tugs at your heart strings. Know what kind of people they take care of here? The ones we find near the huge garbage bins etc.., showering themselves with all the trash from them, eating something out of it and the like. The same kind of people we would probably run away from!  There is one person who was running around the streets with a street dog tied around her waist and one who had delivered a baby in a bus-stand , but did not know she had just become a Mother at all 😦  And this couple care for them with all their love and might.  They have about 20 such people currently. They not only nurse them back to health, but also try to reconnect them with the family, after doing a lot of ground work about the conditions which made them so and ensuring that the family had no role to play – pretty difficult I know, but they do boast of a lot of successive cases.

This is one story that Sridevi shared with me sometime back, and which makes me believe in miracles, in the universe conspiring to give u that thing u hv been wishing with all ur heart.

During one of her rounds around the city, which they both do almost every single day btw, Sridevi found a boy who had been thrown out of a hospital here near a garbage bin in front of the same. On inquiring, the staff told her that the fellow was just not curable and so they could not afford to have him anymore. The fellow was all skin and bones, and Sridevi wasted no time in getting him home. The boy showed no signs of improving for about 6 months, but started on his road to recovery soon. One fine day after about an year, the boy gave her a number saying that he remembered it belonged to someone in his family. Sridevi dialled the number immediately, and got to know that the call was picked by the boy’s maternal uncle. The Uncle, and his entire family had assumed that he was lost and dead, and were not ready to believe what she said at all! After she managed to convince them about the same, his family came over immediately to take him home.  The miraculous part of it is that, the Uncle told them that he had lost that particular SIM long back and had started using another number.  On this particular day, while they were cleaning the house, they found the SIM and put it in some phone and bingo! Sridevi’s call lands on his mobile!

I have heard this particular incident  from her quite  a few times, but it does give me goosebumps every single time. What was it that made them find the SIM that very day? Isn’t it too good to believe it?  Faith, optimism and total commitment and dedication to what you are doing, does work wonders – doesn’t it?