We have an event today, for  which we had to clean a part of the ground in the place we are doing it. It’s a yoga and naturopathy center – with lotttz of open space lined with trees all over, lush green fields,  peacocks appearing now and then and a splendid view of Golkonda fort and Taramati Baradari from the terrace of all the constructions there to top it all! It is currently headed by a 76-yr old(?) man.  While 4 of us were huffing and panting and sweating over cleaning a particular portion by removing the weeds, he joined us and cleaned an equal portion [1=4 mind u!] and with no breaks in between, or even any huffing-puffing for that matter!

When I got to know that he was diagnosed with a heart problem at the age of 25 and was given only 5 more years to live, I was totally shocked! He took to yoga to keep himself healthy for those years atleast, and here he is today – all hale and hearty at 75. His goal in life is to inspire more people to lead healthier lives and help them do so.

You can see a few of his pics here.

And this reminded me of another such man we had met in Hiware Bazaar. We were going around the village when we saw him chopping wood, and almost everybody stopped to take pics 😛  When we started asking him about his age and why he was working so hard, he stared at us as though we were some mad folks! That was not a question for him at all. He was 86 years old and said that he would keep working till his last day.

He was so amused that we were even asking him about it 😛

I  know we have seen our grandparents being like that too, but having lost both sets of mine, I so see them alive through all these people 🙂  Even otherwise, such amazing people do make you smile and make you feel all the more positive about life, don’t they?