Theme for this week:

“WET” (Rain, Puddles, Water,…)

After browsing through my archive for quite some time, this is the pic which appealed to me, more than any other! This was shot on our way to a village near Kolkata in ’06. There is something [or is it many things?]  about this pic which warms my heart.

I remember reading in some book about how our rich culture and heritage find themselves safe in the villages, when life is getting more and more sophisticated and so called ‘modernized’ all over!  And so, that is where we get to find the real India, the true spirit of our nation – the country side.  There is such inexplicable joy in going back to your roots.

This was shot from a moving car, less light too, and so is not a great one. But, like Su says  – The image may not be good, but the scene is great! It was just about 5 in the morning and all these farmers were up and working hard at that!!! What might be their booting time – fraction of a second?