Ok! So it is the ‘Ten on Tuesday’ doing rounds in the blog world – thanks to Shilpa for coming up with this awesome idea. After debating about what I would post today, and then about what one thing I could post about if I ended up doing the ‘Ten on Tuesday’,  I thought it makes more sense to jot down how life has been for the past 2 months. Phew, I can’t believe it has been that long already; time just whizzed past me!

  • I knew there were a lot of challenges I would have to face when I took up this new role, one of the most prominent being that I pass through my office every single day,  if I have to reach the main road and head out anywhere. Am not sure if it makes any sense at all, but I thought that could really pull at my heart strings at what I was missing! But thankfully,  I have not felt that happen at all. I do remember my workplace and my colleagues and all the lovely memories associated with it,  but there has been no regret whatsoever, and am pretty sure it will remain so.
  • The other main hurdle I thought would be the summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The same Hyderabad heat which had turned me off so badly all these years, esp. the first year when I used to eat Su’s head daily to take me back to Bengaluru immediately, now seems nothing at all when I am out on field work even when the Sun is blazing hot!  Again a very trivial thing, but my parents and Su would know how much  summers trouble me! Infact, I keep saying that I should have gone full time after this summer 😛 This has def. taught me how things like sun, rain and cold don’t matter much when you really wanna do something – I am still at the bottom of the learning curve, but well!
  • The support from the family has been awesome! Su ofcourse has been my main pillar of support!  I am talking about my parents, my aunts, uncles, cousins who actually took pride in my decision and called to congratulate me on my last day at work  😯 After a few initial worries that my parents had about my future etc.. etc…, which I understand are totally valid, they are now telling everybody about it, and trying to do their bit in supporting the cause too.
  • That awww feeling when the FIL tells the husband ‘I wish every couple takes such a decision son!  We should have taken it in our youth too, and we are so happy for the two of you‘  – totally touching!
  • The pride with which Su goes around telling everybody that his wife is busier than ever before. That joy when you are doing something so close to your heart, and when your partner for life derives equal or even more joy out of it – Priceless!
  • Again, there are many things you learn, one of them being patience – You have always known, but experience first hand that things never change in days or even months!  You learn to accept the fact that every bit is adding up in making that mighty ocean.
  • It gives me satisfaction that we are doing something to try and rebuild that glorious nation of ours, instead of sitting and cribbing about the drains or the potholes or the traffic or the children begging on the streets.
  • Somewhere along the line, you learn to take more pride in the amazing people you get to meet, and not in what you are doing yourself. It does teach you humility – after all, the truth is that we are doing it for our own happiness and satisfaction, not for ‘helping’ others as it appears at first sight.
  • The people I work with – our team at YFS – I can’t believe we have known them for only about 9 months now.  We celebrate birthdays together, watch matches, barge into each other’s home whenever we feel like it and ofcourse work together 😉  Never knew we would be making friends for life when we first entered this platform.  And today we have some of the best of friends here!  When someone recently asked me and another 2 from the gang, whether we were friends from school,  it was so heart warming.  Some Kismat Konnection for sure here 😉  I have friends with whom I share books, without worrying about whether they will return it back, empty their bookshelf and bring all of it home; friends who comfortably tell me what they loved about me, my cooking 😉 and even what could have been better, and also be equally easy in listening to what I have got to tell about them!
  • And last but not the least, this is what has made Hyderabad our home. Ofcourse I loved this city for its heritage, for the Hussain Sagar and more for being the city where Su and me started that independent life which showed us that we could manage anything under the sun between the two of us 🙂  But honestly, it had never become home!  This feels so good, if you know what I mean 🙂

There are 100 more things I have got to say, and still am not sure if this is making any sense at all. But, I wanted to put them down – more for having that clarity of where I am, for myself.

Have a good day/ night folks and now off I go to sleep 😉

P.S: Ok, this counts as a 11th point, but I had to say this 😛 You guys here have been awesome support too! It’s hard for many to believe we can bond like this over this virtual!?! world, but Pixie’s comment really reminded me how much strength I have found in all your comments here, and mails and calls. Thank you so much 🙂