……. to make you feel good:

– A soothing dinner cooked by the sister , when you return home from a busy day at work.

– A mail from Mom which says ‘You are doing good work Putta, we are with you’ , a mail being a rarity at that.

– A silly surprise by the husband, who comes home 2 days before from his trip, esp. when you have been cursing him all through the previousΒ  day for not having found time to call you!

– A friend yelling out to you in the midst of something very important that he is doing, to point at something which can make for a cute WW pic.

– Another friend making an immediate long distance call, just because you left her a random message somewhere that you are feeling bored.

– A new life sprouting on that jasmine shoot you had planted sometime back.

Actually, at most times πŸ™‚

So, what are those little things which make you feel good?