There are these small tuition centers, better known as abhyasikas, which are opened in slums to cater to the interests of the underprivileged.  They are basically places which these children attend after school hours, to be helped with their homework, studies etc..

I visited one such center today in one of the remotest corners of Hyderabad. The fact that two of our volunteers were teaching there on every Saturday and Sunday itself was really hard to believe.  Esp. when I got to see how they work – Go open the doors of the room, wait for the children to come, or even better go about calling  all the children in the area to attend the classes. Even then, just about 1-2 students come over most of the times.

And then comes this girl Nasreen to attend the classes.  Just in Class6, she was telling us about how she had to quit school because the boys there were not good. But that could not stop the girl from learning! She attends these classes daily to learn all her lessons. ‘What if there is no school? I want to keep learning till I find a better school’ , she says.  And this coming from such an young girl! Should I say I was fuming at those boys who make life hell for such girls, or feel irked by the school authorities who fail to do anything about it, feel helpless myself, or be amazed and inspired by this girl who still is so positive about it all?

Isn’t it amazing how almost every human being has got something to teach us in life?