The best thing about the work I am doing now, is that I get to meet such inspiring people almost every other day!  That one idea dearest to their heart – they make it their life! That passion which drives them and that twinkle in their eye – it’s just so infectious. They leave me smiling without me trying to do so.

I meet this one man, whose goal is that India should be energy-independent. And so he gives up a flourishing career and a lavish lifestyle and gets around to making a smart, cute, energy-efficient Chulha. And that sparkle in his eyes when he explains all the different versions he came up with and how nicely it seems to work – just too good to believe.

There are more like that – one man whose major concern is that people just pass out of engineering colleges in every nook and corner of the country, but sadly are not moulded well to land themselves in a good, well-suited job. And so, he quits his job and takes it upon to himself to go from college to college to groom them and has even designed a website with details of books and videos and whitepapers and what not for universities in more than 7 states already,  in a matter of just about 2-3 months! And the website is so organized with provisions to donate books, resell them and what not!

Just today, I met this well-known doctor. I mean, we have been working with him for quite some time, but today was the first time I got to see his lab. What lab you ask? His passion in life is to teach Maths and Science in a fun way, mostly to the underprivileged. And so, in his spare time [does he really get any?], he develops science experiments encompassing all concepts, and models to teach Mathematics. Not only this, he also trains the children vocationally in carpentry, weaving and so on, so that they can still stand on their own feet, in case they have to drop out of school. Amazing, isn’t it?

I just love meeting such people, who follow their heart. Like Swami Vivekananda says ‘Be fearless! The moment u fear, u r no one. Follow your heart and you will do marvellous work’  So many people putting those wonderful words of his into action. Every single person doing his bit. I meet this young person recently – just about 2 yrs experienced in the IT industry, he travels to his hometown every weekend to take GATE classes for students, because there are not many other options for them there! Every single weekend and his hometown is more than 5 states away!

And so, that’s how life has been for the last two months. Lotz of lessons to learn,  loads of inspirations to take and a lot many people to learn from.  Now if only, this side of India was seen by one and all! Nobody would be cribbing about this dear country of ours’ 🙂

Anyway, that’s it from me for today. Happy weekend folks and have a blast 😀  Tata!